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Xstrata Kiosk
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Xstrata Kiosk

This is an old post and doesn't necessarily reflect my current thinking on a topic, and some links or images may not work. The text is preserved here for posterity.

Towards the end of last year, Artem Govorov (@ArtemGovorov) and I built a WPF touch screen kiosk application for Xstrata Coal in Queensland. The client was kind enough to give me permission to publish some screenshots.

Safety is important in the mining industry, and they keep a lot of documentation. Most of these documents are kept on the company's intranet. This touch screen software will be deployed to mine sites around around Queensland, and will give employees the ability to walk up, find and print a document direct from the company intranet.

These slides were put together at the end of the first three weeks, when the bulk of the development was done. A few other developers from Readify have worked on the kiosk since, adding features and making changes, and the kiosk is being rolled out as we speak.

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