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Octopus Tools on GitHub
1 min read

Octopus Tools on GitHub

This is an old post and doesn't necessarily reflect my current thinking on a topic, and some links or images may not work. The text is preserved here for posterity.

I just pushed the first version of Octo.exe to Github. Octo.exe is a command-line tool for triggering Octopus releases and deployments, and potentially other uses later.

For example, Octo.exe allows you to do:

octo create-release --server=http://your-octopus/api --project=HelloWorld --deployto=Production

A common scenario of where this is useful is if you want to trigger a deployment from your daily build server. The process would work something like this:

  1. Compile and test your code
  2. Publish the package to a NuGet repository
  3. Use Octo.exe to create a release and deploy it to a "Demo" or "Test" environment

Octo.exe is pretty basic at the moment, because it was only designed to perform the above scenario. However it is also a good demonstration of how the new Octopus HTTP API works. As time goes on it will be extended to include more useful features. If you have suggestions, consider adding them to the issues tab or forking the code yourself!

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