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Magellan Route Registration
1 min read

Magellan Route Registration

This is an old post and doesn't necessarily reflect my current thinking on a topic, and some links or images may not work. The text is preserved here for posterity.

This week I have been working on a routing system for Magellan. The goal was to make it very similar to ASP.NET's style of routing:

    "{controller}/{action}/{id}",                            // Path specification
    new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = "" },  // Defaults
    new { id = "^[0-9]+$" }                                  // Constraints

Unfortunately, I hadn't counted on Silverlight's security implementation. Since anonymous types are internal, I can't use reflection to pull apart the defaults and constraints the way ASP.NET MVC does.

Which of these syntaxes do you prefer?

Routes.Register("Default", "{controller}/{action}/{id}")
    .Defaults(controller => "Home", action => "Index", id => "")
    .Constraints(id => "^[0-9]+$");

    new Defaults(controller => "Home", action => "Index", id => ""),
    new Constraints(id => "^[0-9]+$")

Alternatively, please suggest a better alternative :)

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