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Magellan Installer
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Magellan Installer

This is an old post and doesn't necessarily reflect my current thinking on a topic, and some links or images may not work. The text is preserved here for posterity.

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Magellan now comes with a Visual Studio Project Template that you can use to get started with quickly. You will need Visual Studio 2008.



Magellan Installer

The installer will guide you through the installation process. During installation it will also register the Visual Studio project templates. If Visual Studio is already running, your will be prompted to close it at this time.

Once the installer finishes, your installation directory will contain the Magellan assemblies (in the Public directory), plus supporting files for the project template:


Creating Projects

In Visual Studio under the Windows node, you will now have the ability to create a Magellan project:

New Project

Before the project is created, you will get a chance to decide whether to create unit tests, and how to handle the Magellan references. Magellan is not installed into the GAC. You can either reference the assemblies directly from the installation directory, which will mean other developers also need to install the MSI, or you can have the project wizard copy the assemblies locally (the default option):

New Project Prompt

When the project wizard has finished, you will have a new Magellan project - it should compile and run first try and the generated test should pass.

The Solution Explorer

You can also set up the same project manually without using the MSI. See the manual quickstart page for more information.

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