Sheldon is a WPF command line control, and code to integrate it with IronPython. It's designed as a sample that demonstrates how a WPF application might be made scriptable:

A screenshot of Sheldon

This sample was created to pitch an idea to a client about enabling a macro system in their application. Users might be able to make use of functions like OpenAccount("ACME"), ExecuteJob("SalesForecast2009"), and so on. Using the Command Pattern, commands could be written to an Output window in the application while the user uses the UI - that could be used as a learning tool for learning the command line.

The demo application shows how object models can be shared between your application and scripting environment. In C#, I set up an AutomationContext, which is made available to IronPython:

public class AutomationContext
    public ApplicationDefinition Application { get; set; }
    public IScriptingContext ScriptingContext { get; set; }

    public void Exit()

Then in IronPython, I create a friendly "API" that users can consume:

def GetWindow(name):
    return automation_context.Application.MainWindow
def Clear():
def Exit():

The ScriptingContext is an object that manages the execution and rendering of scripts, which the command line control can hook into. Multiple controls can talk to a single scripting context - here's a custom shell (I simply overrode the style and control template of the Shell control):

A custom shell style and template

You can download the code here:

A picture of me

Welcome, my name is Paul Stovell. I live in Brisbane and work on Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment tool.

Prior to founding Octopus Deploy, I worked for an investment bank in London building WPF applications, and before that I worked for Readify, an Australian .NET consulting firm. I also worked on a number of open source projects and was an active user group presenter. I was a Microsoft MVP for WPF from 2006 to 2013.

15 Oct 2009

When I try to run the demo, I get an error:

"The image format is unrecognized."

19 Oct 2009

Very nice! Great demo app.

20 Oct 2009

I've got the same FileFormatException here.

13 Nov 2009

Jiho and Dean, you may get that exception on Windows XP due to the window icon being used - it's a known WPF bug. I've changed it to use an icon that is compatible with XP - give it a try.