Bob Yexley's experiences with Octopus

Bob Yexley shared a positive experience getting started with Octopus:

Every .NET developer I know has war stories about past horrors of deployments gone wrong. My theory is that’s because there’s not a good, universally accepted way to handle deployments of .NET apps on windows. Octopus steps in and offers a solution that, in my recent experience, dramatically simplifies the .NET deployment problem with a really elegant solution.

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Sidenote: I like that his blog is powered by Octopress. Octopuses all around!

A picture of me

Welcome, my name is Paul Stovell. I live in Brisbane and work on Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment tool.

Prior to founding Octopus Deploy, I worked for an investment bank in London building WPF applications, and before that I worked for Readify, an Australian .NET consulting firm. I also worked on a number of open source projects and was an active user group presenter. I was a Microsoft MVP for WPF from 2006 to 2013.