Nick Blumhardt's IOC course

Friend and colleage Nick Blumhardt will be running a course on Inversion of Control in May this year.

Nick is known for building a popular IOC container. He's also put a lot of thought into the role of IOC containers in projects, and I consider him a major thought leader in the space.

As an example, many IOC containers have supported the ability to resolve an array of dependencies, or to inject a Func<T>. Nick put a lot more thought into this, defining what he calls the "relationship zoo". The resulting implementation in Autofac meant that we got a lot of extra features, like Lazy<T> and Meta<T>, which is very useful. Lesser containers are still catching up.

These kinds of insights into what a container should be are very educational. I knew how to use an IOC container before meeting Nick, but I learnt a lot about why and when by working with him.

If you'd be interested in attending Nick's course, and would like to suggest content, leave a comment on his blog. Even if you're not so interested in IOC, I'd recommend attending his course just to absorb the ideas that come from spending time in a room with the guy. Highly recommended.

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Welcome, my name is Paul Stovell. I live in Brisbane and work on Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment tool.

Prior to founding Octopus Deploy, I worked for an investment bank in London building WPF applications, and before that I worked for Readify, an Australian .NET consulting firm. I also worked on a number of open source projects and was an active user group presenter. I was a Microsoft MVP for WPF from 2006 to 2013.

04 Apr 2011

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04 Apr 2011

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