Magellan 2.2

Magellan 2.2 is available from Google Code:

Here are some of the new changes:

  • Navigators can be nested - for example, the frame on your main window can create child navigators for a frame in a popup window. You can use the Navigator.Parent property to walk up the tree.
  • Ability to queue a background task that is automatically cancelled when the page is closed
  • An IsBusy flag on ViewModels that changes to true when background operations are executing
  • Ability to "flash" a message on a page
  • Abstractions to create background tasks that run on a timer in ViewModels
  • Various bug fixes

I'll blog some of these features in more detail later, but for now, the source code includes a new Fluent Validation sample that shows off some of these features.

Magellan packages are also finally available from NuGet.

Special thanks go to Steven Nagy for inspiring some of the nested navigator features.

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