Meet FunnelWeb

The year was 2009, and I was sick of WordPress. I was a huge fan of StackOverflow and the technology stack they were using, and thought I could "borrow" some of their ideas to create my own blog engine. After a few weeks of hacking with ASP.NET MVC 1.0, my new blog engine, PaulPad, was online. It was badly written, had few features, but it was small and simple.

After a while, Matt Hamilton and Aaron Powell started to use PaulPad too. They got sick of all the hardcoded references to "Paul Stovell" in the source code, and they started sending me patches. We figured other people might find it useful, so we renamed it FunnelWeb, and put the code on Google Code.

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Since then, FunnelWeb has changed a lot. It's now running ASP.NET MVC 3.0 and Razor. We support extensions, themes, BlogML imports, and a truckload of features. It has grown organically, with features added by people who really wanted them. We've had contributions from almost a dozen incredibly smart people, and we're seeing lots of FunnelWeb sites popping up. Check out some of the examples on the FunnelWeb HQ site.

FunnelWeb is even proving to be a useful CMS. The MahChats website and FunnelWeb home pages are good examples - can your blog engine do that?

The best feature about FunnelWeb is that it's written in .NET, for .NET developers. If you want to change something, you can use the tools and frameworks you're familiar with. The code is relatively simple, and it's friction free.

If you're not using FunnelWeb, what would it take to get you to switch?

A picture of me

Welcome, my name is Paul Stovell. I live in Brisbane and work on Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment tool.

Prior to founding Octopus Deploy, I worked for an investment bank in London building WPF applications, and before that I worked for Readify, an Australian .NET consulting firm. I also worked on a number of open source projects and was an active user group presenter. I was a Microsoft MVP for WPF from 2006 to 2013.

03 Feb 2011

I'm in the way of changing completly my site, it was started with MojoPortal but I haven't updated lately. I'm looking for a CMS or Blog Engine OSS that could give me opportunity of learn about ASP.NET MVC 3 + Razor. I'll give a look to your project and see if I can contribute in a few months

03 Feb 2011

At some point I'll need to move my blog away from dasBlog. Since I'm already very familiar with ASP.NET MVC, I find FunnelWeb very attractive. I'd love to contribute, but right now I don't have the bandwidth.

The most important feature for me would actually be a migration tool that could preserve all existing URLs and comments.

Support for Windows Live Writer is also important, as is the ability to run without an RDMS.

How about creating a UserVoice site for feature ideas?

04 Feb 2011

This sounds very interesting and I'll definitely be taking a good long look at the code soon. How does FunnelWeb compare to Orchard? Sounds like there's a lot in common. How do they differ?

22 Feb 2011

I thought I was the only one who was fed-up with wordpress. This seems lite and excellent. At some point I will be joining the FunnelWeb bandwagon.

02 Mar 2011

Nice work guys! This looks promising and I would love to convert off WordPress for a more developer friendly platform.

One thing I have found in evaluating this is that:

1) The WP to BlogML converter is pretty much impossible to find from the link you have on the site. I found another opensource WP to BlogML converter called "WXR2BlogML" written in C# that is out of date, does not support modern WP schema etc. I will offer the changes I had to make to get it working.... but

2) The BlogML Importer on FunnelWeb Admin does not seem to work. Here is the error I am seeing (both with Cassini and IIS):

[System.ObjectDisposedException] = {"Cannot access a disposed object.\r\nObject name: 'Instances cannot be resolved and nested lifetimes cannot be created from this LifetimeScope as it has already been disposed.'."}

I haven't the faintest idea how to fix this. I would love to help work through these issues and get a working WordPress converter going to help this project get some more legs.

Please let me know if I can help and if you have any tips on how to fix the importer errors.

Cheers and Beers, Peter

28 Mar 2011


So far the best .NET based blog engine would probably be BlogEngine.NET ( Also full features listes here:

Could we have comparison regarding the features? One thing I do like a lot is using what ever storage solution is available, it could be MSSQL, XML files, SQLite (in my case hosting does not give you MSSQL access, only Oracle would be available).

I also like having "Pingbacks and trackbacks" feature.

Definitely having more control on code highlighting, like lines numbers, wrapping and etc.